Thursday, 20 August 2015

Fast till Night

1.    This is part of Qur’aanic Verse 2:187. Its translation: And eat and drink until the light of dawn becomes distinct to you from the darkness preceding dawn. Then, fast till night.
2.   This divine directive to believers is in respect of nights during the fasting month of Ramadan. It also gives them a clear direction as regards the exact duration of the fast to be observed everyday during the month.
3.   The divine directive is to fast till night. But most Muslims break their fast at sunset. Is this practice in conformity with the directive? It is important for the Muslims to know this because the Qur’aan tells them, in no uncertain terms, that those who abide not by what Allah has sent down are suppressors of the Truth (Verse 5:44), oppressors (Verse 5:45), and transgressors (Verse 5:47)!
4.   Verse 2:187 itself specifies the exact time when to start the fast. It directs the Muslims to start the fast – not at sunrise, but – when, before sunrise, the light of dawn (daylight) clearly penetrates the darkness of the night. So the night, allowing believers to eat and drink, ends when first daylight comes in at dawn i.e. about 35 minutes before sunrise. And, naturally, the night, allowing believers to eat and drink again, begins when the last remnants of daylight disappear at the end of dusk, i.e. about 35 minutes after sunset.