Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Story of Earth

Qur'aanic Verses 41:9 & 41:10:


9. Qul a-innakum latakfuroona biallathee khalaqa al-arda fee yawmayni watajAAaloona lahu andadanthalika rabbu alAAalameena

10. WajaAAala feeha rawasiya min fawqiha wabaraka feeha waqaddara feeha aqwataha fee arbaAAati ayyamin sawaan lilssa-ileena


9. Say, “Do you really deny Him Who created the earth in two spans of time, and set up equals to Him – Him, the Lord of all the worlds!?”
10. And, in four spans of time, He placed firm mountains rising above its surface, blessed it with plenty and growth, and ingrained within itself its provisions, sufficient for all needs.3 

Study Note:

3. Readers may like to go through The Story of Earth in 10 parts on YouTube. It is fascinating. Although the authors of the videos fail to mention it, the meticulous divine Hand behind creation of the earth ought to be apparent to the believers.

The above is an extract from yet-to-be-published Qur'aanic Studies Manzil VI.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Crime and Punishment

Qur'aanic Verses 40:47 & 40:48:


47. Wa-ith yatahajjoona fee alnnari fayaqoolu aldduAAafao lillatheena istakbaroo inna kunna lakum tabaAAan fahal antum mughnoona AAanna naseeban mina alnnari

48. Qala allatheena istakbaroo inna kullun feeha inna Allaha qad hakama bayna alAAibadi


47. And when they quarrel in the Fire, the weak ask the proud, “We were just your followers. Would you therefore relieve us of a portion of the Fire?”

48. The proud say, “We are all together in this. Allah has already pronounced the Judgment on His subjects.”5 

Study Note:

5. This contentious discourse among the inmates of Hell has a lesson to teach to the Muslims of today. Despite Allah’s declared abhorrence (Verse 6:159) against formation of sects, the Muslims have persisted in grouping themselves into numerous sects like Sunni, Shia etc. Someone declares a deviant view, and, others, aided and abetted by the Satan, flock together around that view. And, lo, a sect is formed! Rank and file of any such sect just blindly follows its leaders. Most of the followers do never bother to cross-check their leaders’ contentions with the Qur’aan. If the leaders’ contentions are such as to make them liable for punishment in the Hereafter, the blind followers too would get the same punishment.

The above is an extract from yet-to-be-published Qur'aanic Studies Manzil VI.